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Anti-Flood Barriers

People have been afraid of the danger of floods since time immemorial. The mobile anti-flood barrier system can, however, very simply save not only your property but also your life. After the flood subsides, the barrier can be kept in place or it can be easily dismantled and stored away for further use.

Apart from anti-flood protection, the barriers can be also used in summer months as a tank for water, for example, for the cattle.


The barrier consists of a load-bearing steel structure which is treated with a special coating. A skin made of a PES fabric coated with PVC, weighing 900 g/m2 and of strength along the warp 4,000N/5 cm tape and along the weft 3,500N/5 cm tape is attached to the structure.

In the longitudinal direction the barrier is made up of sections of 3, 6 or 12 m in length thus making it possible to form a line of any length. From experience we recommend the length of one row to be at least 12 m.

The most commonly used barrier is a barrier with a rectangular cross-section with a structural height of 1.1 m (1 m of filling), width of 1.7 m and length of 3 m.


After assembling the barrier, the resulting tank can be filled with water or some kind of a powdery material. However, the disadvantage of using powdery material is that the material has to be shovelled manually out of the barrier during disassembly, while water is simply let out by a valve in the lower part of the barrier.
The speed of assembly depends to a large extent on the speed of filling. From experience it is possible to say that when you use 2 pumps with a capacity of 1,500 l/min and six workers, the construction of 100 metres of the barrier will take 1 hour (the minimum number of workers for the construction is three).

If we wanted to build a barrier of 1 m in height, 1.7 m in width and 3 m in length from sand bags of the volume of 20 l, we would need approximately 2,550 sand bags. Provided that the making of one bag (filling and piling) would take one minute, the construction would take seven hours to six workers.


After the floods subside, sand bags become a big problem - what is to be done with them? Cleaning of the bags is difficult, and the sand is contaminated. Our anti-flood barrier, on the other hand, is emptied of water , cleaned and stored away for further use.

The price of one metre of our barrier is approximately CZK 5,100 + VAT. We estimate the price of using sand bags (bags, transport and handling of sand, the subsequent decontamination of sand and bags) at CZK 6,000 + VAT.


If you own a terraced house, the use of an anti-flood barrier is often problematic. However, we have a solution even for such cases. It is not a problem for us to make for you a simple door barrier which will be tailored exactly for your entrance. This in practice works on a similar principle as the above mentioned barrier, and the stretched out wall of the full barrier fills all possible holes through which water could leak in the house. It therefore tightly seals off the house.


During the floods in 2006 a part of our barrier was lent to the town of Břeclav where it played a significant part in protecting people and property. Important customers also include Metrostav Prague, shopping chain Plus, Bartoňovy závody Náchod, Ramil Litoměřice, Municipal Offices in Poprad and Břeclav and Aqua City Poprad. We have a stability assessment of the above mentioned barrier provided by the University of Technology in Brno. Furthermor e, we have the EPW certificate pursuant to ČSN EN 13067 and Doc.EVF 581:01.


If you are interested in our offer and would like to know the prices of our anti-flood barriers, you can send us your non-binding enquiry and our employees will send you our pricelist in return, or possibly they will prepare a clear tailored offer. If you contact us, our experts from the field of anti-flood measures will also give you free professional consulting and advise you how you can fully protect your premises or municipality against flooding.

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