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Artificial Leather


    We produce synthetic leather - imitation leather, foils and coatings - within the framework of our fifth division in Chropyně. The first imitation leather was produced in 1951 when the production belonged under the state company Technoplast.

    Artificial leather continues to be the principal product of the fifth division. Other products include poromeric leather, textile climate membranes, foils, table cloth fabrics and coated textiles of the customers. Coatings of mixtures based on PVC, PUR, PAC and their combinations are coated on polyester, cotton, viscose, polyamide, mixed and glass textile fabrics.

    We produce products with various finishes such as fire resistance, conductivity, UV stability, antifogging, suitability for children under 3 years of age, etc. You can choose from a large range of patterns and printing. Colour shades can be toned up according to the Pantone or RAL colour chart or on the basis of a submitted sample.

    Products are divided into several portfolios according to the purpose of use:They are used both in interiors and exteriors.


    Vinytol is a fabric which is composed of a coating of polymer and textile. The coating can be compact, lightweight or combined. The textile can be a fabric, a knitted fabric, a non-woven fibrous layer, a leno, a stitch-bonded fabric, etc.
    According to their structures, vinytols are divided into single-layer coatings with a prevailing quantity of plasticized PVC (Vinytol), single-layer coatings with a prevailing quantity of polyurethane (Vinytol PU), two-sided coatings with a prevailing quantity of plasticized PVC (Vinytol DUO) and two-sided coatings with a prevailing quantity of polyurethane (Vinytol PU DUO).

    Artificial leather made under the vinytol trade mark includes materials intended for upholstery, footwear, clothing, sanitary, haberdashery and possibly also technical uses and special purposes.


    Vinyfols are fabrics produced by a reverse way of coating PVC paste or lightweight PVC paste on a paper mat and they can be provided with a certain surface finish. The product has neither a textile base nor any other base.
    According to their structure, vinyfols are divided into homogeneous vinyfols, lightweight vinyfols with a protective homogenous covering layer of PVC or other polymer, lightweight vinyfols without a protective covering layer and lightweight or homogeneous vinyfols with a thin inner reinforcement.
    Homogeneous vinyfols are designed for technical purposes and they are suitable for high-frequency welding. Lightweight vinyfols are intended for haberdashery, footwear, upholstery and advertising products. vinyfols are suitable for processing into office and special products which do not require high resistance against mechanical stress. vinyfols with internal reinforcement can be used for the laying of special scenic surfaces.


    Poromers are fabrics whose main constituent is a non-woven or woven textile impregnated with polyurethane (hereinafter referred to as the base).
    According to their structure, poromers are divided into the separate base (Penat WK, Penat WA, Penat WP), a base with a coating of polyurethane (Tepor) and a base with a coating of PVC in combination with polyurethane (Vinypor).
    Poromers are mainly used in the manufacture of footwear as insole and shoe lining materials, in the haberdashery industry, in the production of balls, as a complementary material in the clothing industry and in special applications.


    Coating of textiles can be one-sided or two-sided, transparent or in a colour design and with a variety of finishes - patterns. Coatings of PVC, PUR, or their combination, or PAC are used for layering. The textiles for layering can be woven in diverse textile weaves, non-woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, glass textiles, they can also be made of different fibres, such as natural (cotton, linen), synthetic (polyester, viscose) or their mixtures.
    •     upholstery
    •     haberdashery
    •     automotive
    •     footwear
    •     clothing
    •     mining industry
    •     aerial advertising
    •     sports mats
    •     special materials


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