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Containment Boom


Floating containment booms are simple and reliable means used especially by fire brigades for the containment of crude oil products from the water surface.

At the same time, however, the regulation of the Building Authority states that construction sites of buildings in the vicinity of water courses have to be equipped with containment booms because of likely leaks of crude oil substances.


Basically, it is a simple connection of a PVC air tube of a cylindrical shape and a diameter of 30 cm which is covered with a skin of a PVC-coated PES fabric – which keeps the boom on the surface – and a barrier skirt made of the same material as the skin which extends 48 cm beneath the surface and catches impurities. In the bottom part of the barrier skirt there is a channel of 6 cm in diameter with a threading cord for a loading element. This is most often a regular chain which is a part of the product. But a normal steel tube can be also used.

Our lightweight containment booms are produced in segments of 5 or 10 m in length. Both ends of each segment are equipped with a linking system which enables a simple mutual interconnection of the booms by means of an attached linking PE cable.


Inflatable containment booms have very good mechanical and physical properties thanks to which they are basically unsinkable and very resistant to external influences - from mechanical damage to the effects of UV radiation. Even without maintenance they will last on the water course for a number of years.

Unlike the absorption or polystyrene filled containment booms, our inflatable booms are easy to store and thanks to their light weight also very easy to handle. On the other hand, you have to inflate them before every use. However, this is not complicated.


During installation the individual segments are inflated through a valve by a pressure cylinder, a compressor or a manual pump to the required pressure and they are linked together by cables. Guiding ropes are fastened to both ends of the resulting barrier and one rope is anchored on one bank and the other is transported to the second bank. The slant of the barrier must be set according to the speed of the water flow (it could, otherwise, break off on stronger water courses), and after the setting the barrier is anchored again.

After the removal of trapped impurities, the boom can be disassembled in a reverse procedure.

The valve for all sizes has a 5/4" ending, but if necessary, we can normally supply an appropriate reducer for every product.


If you want to know how cheap our containment booms really are, send us your non-binding enquiry and we will provide you with our complete pricelist of these irreplaceable warriors in the fight with ecological accidents.  

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