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Hand Towels, Bath Towels

We have prepared for you a complete offer of hand and bath towels which are suitable for  any bathroom interior. We offer the widest selection in our best quality Micro Cotton SLEEP WELLŽ hand and bath towels. This terry programme is made from 100% micro cotton which - thanks to its unique properties - guarantees absolutely perfect absorbency every time. Thanks to a special treatment and long combed fibres, this product is highly absorbent and silky soft. Micro cotton has an excellent ability to absorb water almost immediately, and it starts to dry almost immediately after use.  
Thanks to their elegance and high quality these hand and bath towels are often a sought-after promotional gift. At present, 12 colours in sizes of 50x100, 70x140 and 100x150cm are on offer.
Material: 100% micro cotton

BAMBOO LIVE is the name of a collection of hand and bath towels with bamboo viscose, which we, as one of the very first companies in the Czech Republic, introduced on our market. Due to its extraordinary absorbency, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world which offers itself for use in products where this feature constitutes a downright priority.
Thanks to their strong antibacterial effects and their ability to absorb smells, hand and bath towels with bamboo are particularly suited for closed bathrooms. Their greatest advantage, however, is their up to 4 times higher absorbency than in cotton.
Material: 36% bamboo, 64% cotton

Protective aids are an integral part of the equipment of our employees and work towels are included among them. We offer both WAFFLE and TERRY qualities at really excellent prices.

For more information, including the current offer of our high-quality hand and bath towels, please visit the official company e-shop at


If you find our offer interesting and you are considering including our luxury products in the offer of your own shop with household textile, you can send us your non-binding enquiry and we will promptly send you the current offer, including prices.

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