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Materials for Sports Mats

The materials included in this portfolio are specially developed artificial leather materials for use in the manufacture of sports mats. This selection is further divided into two main categories – top and bottom materials. The main attribute of the top material is increased resistance specially adapted to absorb kinetic energy during a sports performance. For the bottom side of mats we produce non-slip artificial leather with a highly structured anti-skid pattern.

The quality of the used input chemical materials and textile components purchased from Czech and global suppliers together with our long experience in production guarantee high quality of products and their long service life.
If you do not choose from our wide range of colours and finishes, we are ready to develop a colour combination and finish which will meet your expectations.


We offer you the option of submitting a non-binding enquiry to which you will get a fast response and expert advice regarding the characteristics and prices of our materials. You can use a quick contact form or standard email or telephone details.

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