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Mining Industry

We offer materials for ventilation technology in mines which provides ventilation of shafts. As the environment in the mines is very risky, our ventilation materials are suitable for use in gaseous mines with dangerous atmospheric conditions 2 and 1 according to ČSN EN 1127-2. These conditions correspond to areas with a danger of methane explosion SNM 1 to SNM 3 according to Regulation No 22/1989 Coll., as amended.
In addition, in the context of materials for the mining industry we also offer artificial leather for the manufacture of protective packaging and protective machine sleeves.

The quality of the used input chemical materials and textile components purchased from Czech and global suppliers together with our long experience in production guarantee high quality of products and their long service life.

We offer you the option of submitting a non-binding enquiry to which you will get a fast response and expert advice regarding the characteristics and prices of our materials. You can use a quick contact form or standard email or telephone details.

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