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Polytunnels and hotbeds


Polytunnels and hotbeds are generally used for pre-cultivating and subsequent effective growing of flowers and vegetables. Polytunnels create an ideal climate for the growth of seeds and plants, and they thus accelerate their growth. Their main function is to protect plants from pests, extremes of temperature, and especially against treacherous ground frosts. 
Another advantage of both hotbeds and polytunnels is their easy assembly and disassembly. Every year you can build them in another place and you do not have to change the substrate because of lost nutrients like you do with greenhouses.

All our polytunnels are supplied with a lightweight aluminium frame with anodized finish. The structure is firm, maintenance-free and it can be easily assembled even by an elderly man. Our basic offer includes three standardized types. The width of all three sizes is 3.3 m and the customer can choose from lengths of 3, 4.5 or 6 metres.
The foil cover for the polytunnel is made of translucent, safe and UV stabilized POE two-sided bonded fabric of our own production, weighing 135g/m2. The foil is treated with a special product called ANTIFOG which prevents dripping of condensed vapours on the plants, instead they run down the polytunnel walls. The entrance into the polytunnel is equipped with a reliable zipper or simple lacing.
A window with a flap located in the rear end of the polytunnel allows easy ventilation for maintaining an ideal climate in the polytunnel. The life of the foil if it is maintained properly is 5 years in average, but we know of cases which are far from exceptional when customers contact us with a request for a new polytunnel foil after as many as 15 years of using the old.
A hotbed, sometimes also referred to as a mini polytunnel, is a suitable solution for smaller gardens or even for pre-cultivation of flowers on a balcony (the smallest of our hotbeds has not even one metre in length). All our hotbeds are equipped with a lightweight, easily assembled steel frame with a powder coated finish. The shape of the roof is pitched. The skin of the mini polytunnel is made of a transparent PVC foil of 0.2 mm in thickness.
For the purposes of high-capacity agricultural production we offer companies an efficient and inexpensive solution of protection and accelerated plant growing by means of industrial foil tunnels.  
The structures of these polytunnels are made of steel with a coating or galvanized finish. Our customers can choose from widths of 6, 7.5 or 9 m, and the length can be extended by means of 1.5 metre long units. The skin is made of a POE bonded fabric weighing 135 or 175 g/m2. As with garden polytunnels, the material is, of course, safe to health and UV stabilized.
In addition, another advantage is that the entrance to the tunnel can be adjusted for the entry of agricultural equipment of up to ... in height.
The sale of polytunnels in our company has already become a regular affair, and despite a growing competition from the East, we continue to be successful in holding a place on the market for high-quality Czech products. By buying a polytunnel from a Czech company with a stable position on the market you have a guarantee of long-term professional service and advice about all our products.

 How to build our polytunnel:


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