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In this category we have included firstly a selection of services of our individual divisions which offer their customers the possibility of utilizing their capacities for their own purposes. In the framework of certain operations, our company cooperates in the long-term with other companies whose supplied materials it processes into finished products according to their specifications and to which it subsequently supplies the final products back.

In this way it is possible to make use of our weaving shop, twisting mill, dyeing and finishing plant, coating unit and non-granulating unit. In addition, this category also includes our party tent rental as well as the general ability of our company to develop tailor-made materials for our customers.

Last but not least, products such as swimming pools or promotional items which we simply could not fit in any of the other categories also belong here.

Práce ve mzdě


The extensive capacities of our production processes allow us to offer you the opportunity of utilizing these capacities for your own business. Given the broad scope of our production, the contract work offer is divided according to the various production fields of the twisting mill, the warping mill, the weaving shop, the finishing plant, the sewing workshop and the welding workshop.


One of the main advantages of our company is its complete equipment for the processing of yarns and for the production and treatment of technical fabrics. And all this equipment may be yours for a certain time. You can supply your own yarn and we will produce from it a completely finished, and possibly also treated and dyed, fabric which you can use in your manufacture or sell straightaway.

The last part of the work offered by us is hot-air or high-frequency welding. For hot-air welding we use welding machines from the company Leister or Quit. The most commonly used weld width is 2 or 4 cm. In such case the welded material is a POE bonded fabric weighing from 110 up to 500 g/m2 or a PES fabric coated with PVC weighing from 300 to 1,500 g/m2.

If a customer requires a high-quality and high-strength weld, the entire product is processed exclusively by state-of-the-art technology of high-frequency radiation welding from the Forsstrom company. This machine is particularly suitable for welding of the PES fabric coated with PVC from 300 to 1,500 g/m2. The weld width depends on the type of used electrode (most often it ranges from 1 to 4 cm). We regularly weld different shapes from flat canvases through covers, gas-holders and polytunnels to tents or bags.


If you are interested in contract work, you have to state the type of the required work, the amount of material to be processed and, of course, a whole range of other technical details which are closely associated with the specific type of task (in the case of twisting and doubling of yarns you will agree with our experts on the type of used coils, on the number of twists, on the material composition of the yarn, etc.).

The time of work commencement and the processing time of the material then depend on the  production capacity at the time and on the quantity and type of fabric which you need to produce. A binding date of work completion will be finally determined upon your binding order.

If you would like to find out more specific information about our offered contract work or try to submit a non-binding enquiry, you only need to fill in our simple and intuitive contact form or use some of our standard contact details.  Our experts in the field of technical textiles will immediately prepare a comprehensive offer and answer all your questions.
Doubling and twisting of yarns:
  • Production of multiple twisted yarns - cotton, viscose, linen, synthetic and mixed yarns
  • The resulting range of fineness: 33-600 tex with a twist of 80-600/m
  • Machine equipment: doubling machines SD and FADIS, ring twisting machine SKP and double twist machines VTS
  • Making of warps for weaving looms
  • Sectional warping of up to 300 cm in width for warp beams with a flange diameter of up to 1,000 mm
  • Beam warping
  • Machine equipment: warping machines HACOBA and TEXTIMA
  • Production of fabrics from different types of yarns - cotton, linen, synthetic and mixed yarns
  • Weaving techniques: canvas weave, twill weave, rip-stop weave, satin weave
  • Weight of fabrics: 120 – 3,000 g/m2
  • Machine equipment: looms DORNIER for widths of up to 227 cm, looms UTAS for widths of up to 170 cm
Inspection, rolling, packaging:
  • In order to guarantee adequate quality we carry out cleaning of both sides of fabrics, classification of defects, measuring of the lengths of pieces, rolling, and packaging according to the requirements of the customers.

Pronájem prostor


Reklamní zboží


This category contains the portfolio of the SVITAP company for the advertising segment. You will find here especially luxurious alternatives to typical and boring gifts for clients which nobody wants anymore. The absolute leader in this respect are incredibly soft and warm microfibre blankets of our own brand SLEEP WELLŽ and OVEČKAŽ which will win over your customers like nothing has done ever before.


Furthermore, this category also includes materials intended for the manufacture of promotional products, such as advertising banners or aerial advertising. Last but not least, you can also find here a range of ready-made products intended for advertising - party tents, promotional stands or advertising banners.

Potisk přístřešků a plachet


Use your warehouse space for advertising. If you use digital printing on the skin of your hall, you will get a very cheap, durable and effective source of advertising of your company, especially if your company is situated in a location where it can be regularly seen by a large number of people – for example, near a residential area or a busy road.

Similarly as in the case of the skin of a prefabricated hall, we can fit the skin of a party tent with partial or allover digital printing. This will be appreciated in particular by companies which use the party tent for exhibition or advertising purposes.

Most of stands can be fitted with a partial or complete printing of the skin. Carefully chosen printing will make your stall stand out from the grey line of others and it will catch attention from afar. It will communicate immediately to a potential customer what you offer and its professional design will invoke a feeling of trust. An experienced salesperson knows that attracting attention and generating trust is the main foundation for a successful sale. However, even if you fail to convince the customer, the original appearance of your stand will remain lodged in his subconscious and your chances of succeeding next time will be a little higher.
Advertising printing is carried out by a method of digital printing on diverse types of materials. Most often, however, on a PES fabric coated with PVC. Its waterproof, impermeable and UV stabilizing properties make it an ideal material for adverse outdoor weather which a sales stand must constantly face.

PRINTING OF PROMOTIONAL STANDS   Whether you use a gazebo tent "only" for advertising purposes or directly for sales, your goal is always to attract attention and to let people know who you are and what you do. To make the customer find out what you have to offer is the first step in making him buy your product or service. Promotion gazebo stands thus become an even better solution for these purposes because of the possibility of allover printing of their skin. By printing your logo or production programme on the tent skin, you will get a very inexpensive, long-term and unobtrusive source of advertising thanks to which anyone who sees your presentation will immediately know what you can offer.
The base for printing is a sublimation fabric with grey or transparent grounding and weighing 240 g/m2. The printing is made directly into the structure of the fabric which guarantees that long use will not rub away the print (in advertising stands this often does not look nice). The printing is carried out over the entire area on the face side, it is 100% photorealistic, accurate, UV stable and it can be also used for printing colour transitions or particularly fine graphics.
If our offer of printing on your shelters or halls made you interested, we offer you the possibility of submitting a non-binding enquiry either by using a below given contact form or by using standard email or telephone details.



Our company is one of the few in the Czech Republic which can boast of having complete equipment for carrying out finish treatments and dyeing of fabrics. In particular, we have Jigger, Jigger HT, a calendering machine, stenter frames, a sanforizing machine, a cylinder pressing machine, DUO and SOLO combing machines.


The above mentioned fact allows us to offer you the opportunity to purchase from us finished fabrics treated by any of the following finishes (or their combination), or to use once or in the long term our equipment to improve your own fabrics.


If you are looking for a processing company which will quickly, inexpensively and reliably dye and treat your fabrics, use our intuitive contact form or standard contact details to submit a non-binding enquiry. Our experts who have many years of experience in dyeing and finishing fabrics, will immediately prepare a comprehensive offer which they will send to your email or with which they will contact you directly.


Dyeing of fabrics:
  • Materials: cotton, polyester, polyamide, linen, jute, mixed fabrics
  • Types of dyeing: direct, reactive, vat or disperse dyeing in a width of up to 200 cm
  • Machine equipment: Jigger, Jigger HT
Loose stock dyeing:
  • Materials: cotton, linen, viscose
  • Machine equipment: a dyeing machine
  • Materials: cotton, polyester, polyamide, linen, jute, mixed fabrics of up to 200 cm in width
  • Machine equipment: Jigger, Jigger HT
Fixation, thermofixation:
  • Maximum width of fabrics 200 cm
  • Machine equipment: stenter frames
  • Maximum width of fabrics 175 cm
  • Machine equipment: a calendering machine
  • Maximum width of fabrics 175 cm
  • Machine equipment: a cylinder pressing machine
  • One-sided or two-sided, maximum width of fabrics 170 cm
  • Machine equipment: a DUO combing machine, a SOLO combing machine
Classification, folding, folding in half, rolling
  • Maximum width of fabrics 200 cm
  • Maximum width of fabrics 155 cm
  • Machine equipment: a sanforizing machine
  • Maximum width of fabrics 200 cm


  • Hydrophobic
  • Non-soiling TEFLON
  • Fungicidal
  • Fireproof – permanent
  • Fireproof - temporary
  • Acid resistant – increased resistance to chemicals
  • Softening
  • Stiffening
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-pill
  • Stabilizing resinous

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