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Special Materials

Special materials have specific properties which are required for a specific purpose of use.

These materials include, for example:
  • Non-skid pads suitable for offices under computer mouse devices
  • Material for the production of magnetic boards which hold magnets due to their high iron content
  • Pads under bed sheets whose composition makes them also suitable in health care
  • Material for horse shoe which is so solid and durable that it can protect the hooves of horses from damage, in particular against shocks during demanding trainings in different terrains and weather conditions
  • Material for the manufacture of conveyor belts. The strongest two-sided material for the transport of foodstuffs, in particular of potatoes
  • The materials for the edging of solar collectors are two-sided coated special textile in which there are cavities for the flow of water. The black colour of the coating ensures maximum use of sun beams for the heating of water.
  • Coated fabrics for dining
  • Dampening mats under sports surfaces 
  • Material for bandages of bicycles
  • Material for seats in children bobsleighs

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