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Tailored Development

We offer the possibility of individual tailored solutions according to customer’s requirements.
The customer can choose a one-sided or two-sided, the so-called DUO, coating on the base fabric or a separate coating without a textile. Used PVC (plasticized polyvinyl chloride), PUR (polyurethane) or PAC (polyacrylate) coatings or a combination of PVC and PUR coatings. We offer a variety of base textiles (fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven materials, fleece) and different coating surfaces (smooth, patterned, printed, glossy, matte). We have our own databank of designed colours. We use colours on the basis of the PANTONE and RAL colour chart or on the basis of submitted samples.
Further finishes are also available such as reduced flammability, materials free of hazardous substances according to REACH and suitable for children under three years of age, surface conductivity, antifogging, oil resistance, UV stability, resistance to chemicals, etc.


We offer you the option of submitting a non-binding enquiry to which you will get a fast response and expert advice regarding the characteristics and prices of our materials. You can use the quick contact form as well as standard email or telephone contacts.

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