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Textile garages

STRUCTURES OF A NEW GENERATION Technical textiles have recently become a common building material on the same level as wood, stone, metal, glass and other conventional building materials. Due to their reasonable price and utility properties (steel which has approximately 2.5 times higher tensile strength than a polyamide fabric is about 7 times heavier) they often even surpass traditional building materials. When compared to architecture made of traditional building materials, textile structures excel by their lightness, formability, easy disassembly, non-traditional appearance and cost economy.
MAINTENANCE-FREE, MOBILE AND AFFORDABLEFor this reason, we have decided to use this technology also in the field of storage spaces, such as garages. Unlike traditional sheet metal or concrete garages, our product has added features which include easy assembly and disassembly, mobility, reasonable price and maintenance-free character (in contrast to a traditional garage, for example, you will never need to paint its walls).
Another benefit is the easy way of filling cracks in the material. In the case of a violent entry, the PVC membrane can be easily welded together again, while the damage in a sheet metal garage is irreparable.
We sell the finished textile garages with three standardized roof shapes - arched, pitched and flat. Garages with a flat roof can be also delivered as double garage or triple garage designs.
All these types are commonly used by our customers not only as spaces for cars, but, for example, also as storerooms, shelters for livestock or sales stands.

Garage structures are made of steel pipes with a paint or galvanized finish. In the case of the skin, you can choose between a POE bonded fabric weighing 250 g/m2 or a lacquered PES fabric coated with PVC weighing 650 g/m2. We will provide you with both of these materials in a colour of your choice.
If you find our offer interesting and you would like to know how cheap our garages really are, please fill in this intuitive contact form and send us your non-binding enquiry. Our experts in the field of technical ready-made products will then prepare a comprehensive and tailored offer for you. All our products come also with a complete package of services including professional consulting, professional installation of our products and subsequent repair service.  

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